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Previous Diversity Science Talks and Events

The Psychology Department regularly holds events focused on addressing diversity issues in psychological science and in society more broadly.  This includes a monthly “Diversity Salon” series focusing on how researchers can better incorporate human diversity and societal equity as integral parts of their scholarship.  Past events are listed below.




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Diversity Science Workshop


November 17, 4:00 pm Swift Hall 107


Doug Medin


Dr. Deborah Wu, Social Cognition and Intergroup Processes Lab

“Dealing with Unexpected Findings”

Zachary Anderson, Affective and Clinical Neuroscience Lab

"Dissemination of Research Findings to the General Public"

Diversity Science Salon

February 13, 1:15pm on Zoom

 Jin Goh photo

Ryan Lei Photo

"Positioning Asian Americans in Psychological Research"

Jin Goh (Colby College)

Ryan Lei (Haverford College)

CNAIR Colloquium

TO BE RESCHEDULED - check back for updates

 Stephanie Fryberg

 Stephanie Fryberg (University of Michigan), "Omission as the Modern Form of Bias Against Indigenous Peoples"

Department Colloquium

March 10, 3:15pm, Swift Hall 107

david chae

David Chae (Tulane University) on health inequities and the embodiment of racism

Diversity Science Salon

April 3, 1:15pm on Zoom

sari van anders

Sari van Anders (Queens University), "Biobehavioral research and gender/sex/ual diversity"

Diversity Science Salon

May 5, 3:15pm on Zoom

 reviewer zero

“Changing the culture of peer review for a more inclusive and equitable psychological science” with Mariam Aly (Columbia U.), Amanda Diekman (Indiana U.), & Matt Goldrick (Northwestern U.)

Department Colloquium

May 12, 3:15pm, Swift Hall 107

neil lewis jr

Neil Lewis, Jr. (Cornell University) “Cultivating unequal minds: Meaning making in a fragmented democracy”

Diversity Science Salon

June 2, 3:15pm, Annenberg G02

Mesmin Destin

"Strength-Based Approaches to Students' Marginalized Identities" with Mesmin Destin (Northwestern U.), Josiah Rosario, and David Silverman


                                          2021-2022 School Year

                                                  FALL QUARTER 2021


Diversity Salon


October 25, 1:15 pm

Doug Medin


Professor Doug Medin, Department of Psychology, Northwestern

“Researcher Diversity and Epistemic Justice”


Diversity Salon


November 22, 1:15 pm




Evelyn Carter, Paradigm IQ

Destiny Peery, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice

Matt Trujillo, Advancement Project

Alternative Career Pathways in Diversity Science


Diversity Salon


February 24,  4:00 pm


Professor Moin Syed, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota

“Reproducibility, Diversity, and the Crisis of Inference in Psychology”

Diversity Salon

March 7, 1:15 pm



Professor Phia Salter, Department of Psychology, Davidson College

“Critical Race Theory and Psychological Science”


Diversity Salon

April 18, 1:15pm 





Professor Alexandra Garr-Schultz, Department of Psychological Sciences, University of Connecticut

Lydia Emery, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Emma McGorray, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University

“Practical Insights from a Systematic Review of Sample Diversity"

Diversity Salon

May 16, 1:15 pm


Thomas Dirth, Department of Psychology, Bemidji State University

“Bridging Disability Studies and Psychological Science: A Research Agenda for 21st Century Disability Psychology”

                                          2020-2021 School year

                                                  FALL QUARTER 2020


Diversity Salon


 September 28, 1:30 pm



Professor Nicole Stephens , Kellogg School of Management

“Social Class Cultural Divides: Implications for Psychological Research”


Diversity Salon


October 12, 1:15 pm



Professor Jennifer Richeson , Psychology, Yale University

“Creating Space for Divergent Experiences in Psychological Science”


Diversity Salon


November 16, 1:15 pm



Professor Brian Mustanski , Feinberg School of Medicine

"Hard-to-reach or hardly reached? Strategies for engaging sexual and gender minority communities in research"


Department Colloquium


December 11, 3:15 pm



Professor Steven O. Roberts , Psychology, Stanford University

“Racism: A Developmental Story”



Diversity Salon


January 25, 1:15 pm

Professors Sylvia Perry (Psychology) and Ivy Onyeador (Kellogg),

“Taking a Team-Science Approach in Diversity Research: Advantages and Challenges”


Diversity Salon


February 22, 1:00 pm

Professor Qi Wang ,Human Development, Cornell

“Cultural Foundations of Memory and Cognition”


Diversity Salon


March 8, 1:15 pm

Sade Abiodun ,Princeton Neuroscience Institute

“Implications and Applications of Race in Neuroscience”



Diversity Salon


April 12, 1:15 pm


Professor James Jones ,Psychology, University of Delaware

“Diversity Competence”


Department Colloquium


May 7, 3:15 pm


Professor Phillip Hammack, Psychology, UC-Santa Cruz

“The Psychology of Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Era of Radical Authenticity”


Diversity Salon


May 24, 1:15 pm


Professor Sandra Waxman, NU Psychology

“(Why) Diversity is Crucial to Theory and (How) it Pushes our Paradigms in Developmental Science”


Department Colloquium


June 11, 3:15 pm


Professor Onnie Rogers,NU Psychology