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Substitutions for PSYCH 201-Statistical Methods in Psychology

PSYCH 201-Statistical Methods in Psychology is a requirement for all psychology majors and minors. Some students complete a different statistics course before declaring a major or minor in psychology and/or to fulfill another requirement. Students who have

can count that credit as a substitute for PSYCH 201. The credit will count toward psychology major and minor requirements in place of PSYCH 201, and it can be used as the prerequisite for PSYCH 205-Research Methods in Psychology. (See Important Note below.) The substitution should be automatically included in your CAESAR degree progress report once your major or minor in psychology has been entered into your record.

What if you earned credit for a different college-level statistics course, either at Northwestern or elsewhere? In this case, you will have to take a statistics placement test. If you do well enough on the test, you can use your credit for the other course as a substitute for PSYCH 201. Contact Dr. Sara Broaders ( for details. Students who earned grades below B in STAT 202, STAT 210, or another statistics course are advised to take PSYCH 201 before enrolling in PSYCH 205.

Important Note: All substitutions for PSYCH 201 are subject to the double-counting rules of Weinberg College.

Psychology students in other schools should also see the Registrar's webpage on double-counting rules for non-Weinberg students.