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Clinical Brownbag Schedule

All talks are held on Tuesdays from 4:00pm - 5:00pm in Swift Hall, Room 210.

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Topic Affiliation


Area Group Welcome


Happy Hour! 4-6pm at Jennifer's house. Northwestern University


Off Week  (DCT meeting for those applying to internship)
10/11 Clinical are discussion led by Madison

Area culture and norms 

Swift Hall 210

Northwestern University
10/18 Off Week  (DCT meeting with other advanced students)

Vijay Mittal

Robin Nusslock

Jennifer Tackett

Professional Development: Planning a reserch project

Swift Hall 210

Northwestern University
11/1 Off Week  (DCT meeting with first years)  
11/8 Cheyenee Bates

First Year Presentation: Investigating Racial/Ethnic Diffrence in Leadership Aspirations Among Resilient College Students

Swift Hall 210

Northwestern University
11/15 Ananya Mayukha

First Year Presentation: "How I grew up being a Black person" : Exploring spontaneious racial narratives, and links to psychosocial outcomes, within the life stories of middle-aged Black American

Swift Hall 210

Northwestern Univesity
11/22 Thanksgiving
11/29 Ellyn Butler

First Year Presentation: Inflammation and Amygdala Connectivity as Potential Mediators Connecting Violence Exporsure With Internalizing Psychopathology

Swift Hall 210

Northwestern University
12/06 Exam Week
12/13 Winter Break