Cognitive Faculty

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Mark Beeman


Program Area(s):  Cognitive; Brain, Behavior and Cognition
Interest(s): Brain bases of language; creative thinking
Phone: 847-491-4617
Office Location: Cresap 104

Steven Franconeri


Program Area(s):  Cognitive
Interest(s): Visual Cognition; Data Visualization; Visuospatial Thinking in STEM (Science, Technology, Education, & Math); Graph Comprehension; Visual Communication; Effective communication of analyses and evidence.
Phone: 847-467-1259
Office Location: Swift 317

Susan Hespos


Program Area(s):  Cognitive
Interest(s): Cognitive development, learning, language and concepts
Phone: 847-467-1394
Office Location: Swift 212

Sid Horton

Associate Professor; Director of Cognitive Psychology

Program Area(s):  Cognitive
Interest(s): Psycholinguistics; Spoken discourse and aging
Phone: 847-467-1293
Office Location: Swift 217

David Rapp


Program Area(s):  Cognitive
Interest(s): Reading comprehension; learning and memory
Phone: 847-467-1871
Office Location: Annenberg 220

Paul Reber


Program Area(s):  Cognitive; Brain, Behavior and Cognition
Interest(s): Learning & memory systems of the brain; fMRI
Phone: 847-467-1624
Office Location: Cresap 308

Lance Rips


Program Area(s):  Cognitive
Interest(s): Reasoning, concepts, math, and memory
Phone: 847-491-5947
Office Location: Swift 314

Satoru Suzuki

Professor; Director of Graduate Studies

Program Area(s):  Brain, Behavior and Cognition; Cognitive
Interest(s): Vision; cross-modal interactions; awareness
Phone: 847-467-1271
Office Location: Cresap 303

David Uttal


Program Area(s):  Cognitive
Interest(s): Cognitive development; space; symbols
Phone: 847-467-1925
Office Location: Swift 303A

Sandra Waxman


Program Area(s):  Cognitive
Interest(s): Language and conceptual development in infants and children; Cognitive development across languages and cultures
Phone: 847-467-2293
Office Location: Swift 211