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Dedre Gentner


Research Interests

Analogical processing, language and learning

Selected Publications

Gentner, D. (2003). Why we’re so smart. In D. Gentner and S. Goldin-Meadow (Eds.), Language in mind: Advances in the study of language and thought (pp.195-235). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Gentner, D., Loewenstein, J., Thompson, L. (2003). Learning and Transfer: A general role for analogical encoding. Journal of Educational Psychology, 95(2), 393-408.

Gentner, D., Imai, M., & Boroditsky, L. (2002). As time goes by: Evidence for two systems in processing space > time metaphors. Language and Cognitive Processes, 17, 537-565.

Gentner, D., & Loewenstein, J. (2002). Relational language and relational thought. In J. Byrnes & E. Amsel (Eds.), Language, Literacy, and Cognitive Development (pp. 87-120). Mahwah, NJ: LEA.

Namy, L. L,. & Gentner, D. (2002). Making a silk purse out of two sow's ears: Young children's use of comparison in category learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 131, 5-15.

Gentner, D., & Boroditsky, L. (2001). Individuation, relativity and early word learning. In M. Bowerman & S. Levinson (Eds.), Language acquisition and conceptual development (pp. 215-256). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.