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Work Study

Paid work study positions are sometimes available in the labs and offices of the Psychology department. To participate, you must be eligible for work study support. A good first step is to check the Work Study Office's list of available positions in the Psychology Department, as well as those available in other departments. You can also take a look at research positions posted on the department’s Blackboard site for psychology majors and minors.

Another approach is to learn about research currently going on in the department and to identify professors with whom you might want to work. One way to do this is to read the online faculty profiles. Each profile includes a brief description of the faculty member's research interests and a link to additional information. You can also look at recent publications by faculty members. Some are on the bulletin board on the second floor of Swift Hall, and you can find many others through the university library. When you have identified some labs that fit your interests, approach the faculty members or their lab supervisors to inquire about the possibility of work study. The best time to get hired into a work study position is at the start of the academic year.