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Jobs for Psychology Majors

Majoring or minoring in psychology provides an excellent foundation for many career paths. Students may not recognize how many skills they have acquired, along with their knowledge of psychology content, nor the range of job situations in which their skills and knowledge can be applied. Among these skills are numerical and computer literacy, communication skills, skills related to working effectively in a group, critical thinking and research skills, and interpersonal awareness. In addition to your other skills, you will now be well-equipped to explain to potential employers what you will bring to their organization.

Jobs available to recent graduates are often at the entry level, with opportunities for advancement. They include jobs in social services, human resources, advertising and market research, public relations, health care, education, research, and many other fields. Other psychology students choose career paths requiring graduate degrees.

Internships and volunteer experiences can help you to focus your interests—and can also be important assets when you apply to graduate school or for jobs. University Career Services is an excellent resource for students interested in learning about career options, as well as for those actively seeking summer or post-graduation employment. Academic advisers are also good people to talk with. This website provides further information for psychology students considering five broad paths: