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Undergraduate Psychology Association

The Undergraduate Psychology Association (UPA) is a group of students who share a passion in exploring Psychology. All majors are welcomed to join. UPA sponsors academic, career-oriented, and social events during the school year. The primary goals are to help undergraduates learn more about psychology in a non-classroom setting, foster student-faculty communications, and facilitate the awareness of professional opportunities related to psychology. 

Please feel free to check us out at for more information or you can visit the UPA Facebook page (NU Undergraduate Psychology Association) or Instagram page (@northwesternupa). If you would like to be added to the UPA listserve and stay up to date on all things psychology at NU, simply send an e-mail to

UPA Officers, Spring 2019 through Winter 2020

Co-Presidents – Jessie Li and Lucy Kim 
Treasurer – Audrianna Wu
Marketing and Publicity – Natalie Sliskovich

Events Coordinator – Jami Silverman

Research Coordinator – Pranavi Ahuja


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