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Society, Biology, and Health Clusters

The Department of Psychology is pleased to participate in the Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative. This initiative fosters cross-departmental connections between graduate students and faculty members who share intellectual interests. Faculty and students may seek affiliation with a cluster at any point in their studies. Cluster fellows participate in both curricular and non-curricular activities. They attend courses, programming and events, all aimed at engaging attendees in cross-disciplinary conversations.

Of particular interest to members of our department is the Society, Biology, and Health Cluster, an interdisciplinary program that draws heavily from the quantitative social sciences. One goal of this cluster is to explore how concepts and methods from the social/behavioral sciences may be integrated with those from life/biomedical sciences. Another is to equip students to examine the pathways through which social, economic, and cultural contexts shape human physiology and health (and vice versa). This cluster will work from, and contribute to, the ongoing initiatives associated with Cells to Society (C2S): The Center on Social Disparities and Health at the Institute for Policy Research.  

The Society, Biology, and Health Cluster is comprised of faculty and graduate students from anthropology, economics, human development and social policy, psychology, and sociology. Psychology graduate students interested in the dynamic links between society, biology, and health are encouraged to participate. Prospective psychology students may indicate their interest in this cluster on their application for admission.

Program Description (Course and Requirement Information):

Society, Biology, and Health Cluster 

Contact: Thomas McDade

Associate Professor, WCAS Anthropology

1810 Hinman Ave

Evanston, IL 60208

Phone: 847-467-4304