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Petition to Graduate

A year before you graduate, generally spring quarter of your junior year, you need to complete a Graduation Petition and submit it to the Registrar's Office. The petition must be reviewed and then signed by an adviser in each major and minor you are completing. You can download the Graduation Petition form from the registrar's website. There are separate forms for students in each of Northwestern's undergraduate schools.

You can meet with any undergraduate adviser in the psychology department to complete the psychology section of your petition. Schedule an appointment by contacting the Undergraduate Program Assistant in the Psychology main office at 847-491-5190, stopping by the office in 102 Swift Hall, or emailing

Completing your Graduation Petition and carefully reviewing the feedback you receive from the Registrar's Office is important for making sure that you haven't overlooked or misunderstood any graduation requirements. Reviewing the feedback allows you to find out if you and the degree auditors in the Registrar's Office agree on how your courses fit department, college, and university requirements. Completing the Graduation Petition also provides a good opportunity to think about how you would like to spend your final year as an undergraduate student at Northwestern and to discuss your plans with a department adviser.