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Applying to the Psychology Honors Program

Applications to the Psychology Honors Program should be submitted by email to the Undergraduate Program Assistant. Your application must include the following attachments:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your Student ID number
  5. The names of two psychology faculty members who could provide references for you. Please do not ask them to write letters; we will request them. All we need is the names.
  6. The quarter in which you took PSYCH 205 and the grade that you received. Completion of PSYCH 205 is a requirement for participation.
  7. Your overall GPA at the end of Winter quarter.
  8. A list showing each quarter in which you were enrolled in PSYCH 399 or PSYCH 397. For each enrollment, give the name of the faculty member with whom you worked. You may also list other psychology research experiences (e.g., work-study or summer internships).
  9. A description, in 200 words or less, of what you did in your 399, 397, or other previous psychology research experiences (if any)—what your role was in this research. If you have participated in several research projects, you may choose to focus on just one or two of them.
  10. A 250-word essay regarding what you would like to study in honors and why. This essay is not a contract or promise as to what you will do in your honors thesis. Instead, we will use it to evaluate your writing, your interest, and your skill in communicating research ideas.
  11. Current thoughts on which faculty member(s) might serve as your honors adviser. You may list more than one person, and you may end up working with someone not listed here.

Submit (1) your application, with responses to all 11 items, and (2) your transcript by email to Jillian Sifuentes, by April 22, 2024. The “subject” for the message should be "Honors Application" followed by your last name.

Questions about honors or the application process? Please contact the honors coordinator, Dr. Dan Molden