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Other Advising Resources

Students are welcome to approach any member of the psychology department faculty for informal advice, and the department staff in Swift Hall 102 can answer many routine questions. A list of psychology faculty members, including their research interests and contact information, is available on our website. Students interested in graduate study in psychology should be sure to meet with faculty members whose areas of interest are similar to their own.

Information regarding speakers, lab openings, and other matters of interest to psychology students is posted on bulletin boards outside the psychology department office (Swift Hall 102) and on other floors in the building. Also see the Events section of this website.

Weinberg College advisers are an excellent source of information and guidance for students in Weinberg College. First-term Weinberg first-year students can discuss a range of academic issues with their First-Year Advisers. Extensive information about opportunities, requirements, and procedures in Weinberg College is available through the Weinberg College undergraduate webpages. Northwestern’s other undergraduate schools also offer academic advising geared to students in their programs.

The University Academic Advising Center is another important source of information and advice for psychology majors and minors, as is University Career Services.

Another good source of advice for psychology students is other psychology students, whom you can find right there in your psychology classes and at meetings of the Undergraduate Psychology Association.