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Faculty members in the Department of Psychology are active researchers, contributing to the advancement of knowledge about human behavior within a wide range of research areas and to the application of that knowledge. You can learn about the research focus of each member of the faculty by selecting the Faculty link in the People section of our website. In addition, many labs in the department have their own websites, which you can access via the "Laboratories" link to the left.

From the first year onward, graduate students in the department do research under the supervision of department faculty members.  The Department of Psychology also provides many opportunities for undergraduate students and community members to become involved in the research process. 

Our "Participate in Research Studies" pages provide information on opportunities to participate in studies for course credit (e.g., in PSYCH 110-Introduction to Psychology) or for pay. If you sign up for the Paid Participant Registry, you will automatically be notified when new studies become available for paid participation. Or, you can check out the page on Paid Research Opportunities to find individual listings for studies in which you might like to participate. 

One of the best ways for undergraduate students to learn more about psychological research is to help conduct research studies.  Many of our labs offer opportunities for undergraduates to become involved in doing research under the guidance of members of the faculty for course credit (PSYCH 397/399), for work-study, or on a volunteer basis.  To learn more, see our pages on Undergraduate Research Opportunities.