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What Training is Required After Graduate School?

It has become the norm for students interested in academic careers to take a postdoc after obtaining their PhD. A postdoc is a paid research position with substantial opportunities for establishing a research program and publishing, both of which are crucial to obtaining academic jobs. These positions have become increasingly competitive and require that you apply to a specific researcher at a specific university. Although postdocs are the norm, some people do apply for teaching jobs directly following graduate school.

In order to call oneself a clinical psychologist, and possibly to collect insurance payments in the future, one must earn a clinical psychology license. In order to become a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois, one has to have a full year of full-time supervised clinical experience after obtaining a PhD. That is, this experience is beyond the internship. Many states have imposed similar requirements. In Illinois, it can be spread out over two years (but no more) of half-time experience. One must also pass a national psychology examination.