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What Information Resources are Available?

There are several resources that you can (and should) consult when deciding where to apply for graduate school in clinical psychology. Probably the most informative single source is a book entitled Insider’s Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, written by Michael A. Sayette, Tracy J. Mayne, and John C. Norcross. This book is updated every few years. It includes general information about choosing schools, preparing applications, and so on, and also specific information about individual schools offering doctoral-level programs in clinical or counseling psychology. Another useful book is the American Psychological Association’s Graduate Study in Psychology. This book provides information on graduate programs and schools of psychology throughout the United States and Canada. It is not specifically focused on clinical psychology programs, but the information it provides on specialties available at each school will help you to identify schools most relevant for you. You can take a look at copies of both the Insider’s Guide and Graduate Study in Psychology in the psychology department office (Swift 102).

Many webpages are available to assist you in your search for information about graduate programs in clinical psychology. Probably the most helpful will be the webpages of individual schools you are considering. You can find web addresses in the books mentioned above, by doing a web search, and through various online lists. The Social Psychology Network provides a ranked list of clinical psychology programs, with live links to each program included. If you use this list, keep in mind that the program rankings are just one of many criteria to consider when selecting schools to which you will apply.

The American Psychological Association maintains online lists of all accredited programs in clinical, counseling, and school psychology. This list does not include web addresses, but it can still be a very helpful resource.

Finally, you should feel free to talk with Northwestern faculty members about graduate programs in clinical psychology. If your academic advisor is not familiar with a particular program, s/he may be able to direct you to a faculty member who is. You should also talk to graduate students in the clinical program here at Northwestern. They have all gone through the application process, and most have also interviewed at a number of clinical psychology programs. They will be able to give you some firsthand information about the application and interviewing procedure, and probably about some specific programs as well.