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Marcia Grabowecky

Research Associate Professor; Director of Brain, Behavior, & Cognition

Research Interests

Attention, Perception, Consciousness, Cognitive Neuroscience

Selected Publications

Iordanescu L, Guzman-Martinez E, Grabowecky M, Suzuki S. Characteristic sounds facilitate visual search. Psychon Bull Rev. 2008 Jun;15(3):548-54.

Smith EL, Grabowecky M, Suzuki S. Self-awareness affects vision. Curr Biol. 2008 May 20;18(10):R414-5.

Iordanescu, L., Grabowecky, M., Franconeri, S., Theeuwes, J., & Suzuki, S. (in press). Characteristic sounds make you look at target objects more quickly. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics.

Iordanescu, L., Grabowecky, M., & Suzuki, S. (in press). Object-based auditory facilitation of visual search for pictures and words with frequent and rare targets. Acta Psychologica.

Kim, Y.-J., Grabowecky, M., Paller, K. A., & Suzuki, S. (in press). Differential roles of frequency-following and frequency-doubling visual responses revealed by evoked neural harmonics. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Guzman-Martinez, E., Leung, P., Franconeri, S., Grabowecky, M., Suzuki, S. (2009). Rapid eye-fixation training without eyetracking. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 16(3), 491-496.

Iordanescu, L., Grabowecky, M., & Suzuki, S. (2009). Demand-based dynamic distribution of attention and monitoring of velocities during multiple-object tracking. Journal of Vision, 9(4):1, 1-12.

Please see Visual Perception, Neuroscience and Cognition Lab for a more extensive list of publications and pdfs.