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Benjamin Gorvine

Charles Deering McCormick Distinguished Professor of Instruction; Associate Chair; Lead Adviser

Research Interests

My research interests center on two broad areas: (1) pedagogical research on the best practices for instruction in psychology in general, and statistics (as it is taught in psychology) more specifically; and (2)  fathers and children's socio-emotional development.

Selected Publications

Gorvine, B.J., Rosengren, K. S., Stein, L., & Biolsi, K. (2018). Research Methods: From theory to practice. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Gorvine, B.J. & Smith, H.D. (2015). Predicting student success in a psychological statistics course emphasizing collaborative learningTeaching of Psychology, 42(1), 56-59.

Gorvine, B.J. (2010).  Head Start fathers’ involvement with their children.  Journal of Family Issues, 31(1), 90-112.

Gorvine, B.J., Karam, E. & Eovaldi, M.  (2008). Strengthening individual identity in the group context.  Middle School Journal, 40(2), 13-20.