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Winter 2023 Class Schedule

Winter 2023 class Schedule

Course Title Area Col,Row Instructor Day/Time Pre-Reg
PSYCH 101 First-Year Seminar: Psychology and "Weird" Beliefs Broaders
PSYCH 110 Introduction to Psychology Core Engeln
PSYCH 201 Statistical Methods Core Smith Yes
PSYCH 205 Research Methods Core Horton Yes
PSYCH 205 Research Methods Core Pennington Yes
PSYCH 205 Research Methods Core Smith Yes
PSYCH 205 Research Methods Core Konkoly/ Subramanian Yes
PSYCH 213 Social Psychology A,1 Molden Yes
PSYCH 215 Psychology of Personality A,1 Levy-Chung Yes
PSYCH 228 Cognitive Psychology B,1 Rapp Yes
PSYCH 244 Developmental Psychology C,1 Broaders

PSYCH 249 Buddhist Psychology C,1 Grabowecky Yes
PSYCH 303 Psychopathology A,1 Mittal Yes
PSYCH 317 The Holocaust: Psychological Themes & Perspectives A,1 Gorvine \
PSYCH 328 Brain Damage & the Mind  B,1 Paller Yes
PSYCH 330 Special Topics in Cognitive/Neuroscience: Brain and Language B,1 Beeman Yes
PSYCH 343 Psychology of Beauty C,1 Engeln Yes
PSYCH 350 Special Topics in Psychology: Aging and Adult Development C,1 Mrocezk Yes
PSYCH 364 Social & Personality Development A,2 Levy-Chung Yes
PSYCH 367 Child Psychopathology A,2 Gorvine Yes
PSYCH 372 Language & Cognition B,2 Gentner Yes
PSYCH 383 Psychology & Food C,2 Broaders Yes
PSYCH 391 Advanced Seminar in Cognition or Neuroscience: Theory of Mind B,2 Horton Yes

Advanced Seminar in Psychology: 


C,2 Miller Yes
PSYCH 398 Senior Thesis Seminar 2 Waxman Yes
PSYCH 401-2 Psychology Proseminar: Social & Personality Bases of Behavior All Tackett
PSYCH 403 Clinical Proseminar Clinical Tackett
PSYCH 411-2 Clinical Psychology Practicum Clinical Tackett
PSYCH 412-2 Assessment Practicum Clinical Zinbarg
PSYCH 413-2 Anxiety: Assessment & Treatment  Clinical Sutton
PSYCH 414-2 Depression: Assessment &
Clinical Sutton
PSYCH 415-2 Treatment Practicum: Family & Systems Approach Clinical Lebow
PSYCH 416-2 Treatment Practicum: DBT Clinical Maslar
PSYCH 417-2 Child Intervention Clinical Rosen
PSYCH 420 History, Ethics & Diversity in Clinical Psychology Clinical Levy-Chung
PSYCH 451-1 Statistics in Experimental Design Stats Bailey
PSYCH 460 Topics in Cognition: Culture and Cognition: a Developmental Science Approach Cog Waxman
PSYCH 470 Topics in BBC: Buddhist Psychology BBC Grabowecky
PSYCH 481 Theories of Social Psychology Social Molden
PSYCH 494 Personality Theory & Research PDH McAdams



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